Gouverneur Morris, Pennsylvania

Gouverneur Morris, Pennsylvania

Gouverneur Morris was born in New York on January 31st, 1752. In He represented Pennsylvania from New York in the Constitutional Convention of 1787. In addition, Morris was an author of large sections of the Constitution of the United States as well. He has an appreciation as an author of the document's preamble. In the past, he was a man in controversy. People of the United States considered them as citizens of respective states. However, according to him, he was a citizen of a single union of states.

He was brilliant person belonging to the United States. His intelligence led him to be a student of King's College in his age of twelve. Now, this university is called Columbia University. In 1768, he graduated from this university. He continued their study and got master's degree in 1771. He became a member of Congress in 1775. He had been elected in order to represent his family estate. Together with other fellow delegates, he took a part as a person who made the colony to be an independent state. Nevertheless, this idea was not agreed by his family.

In 1778, Morris was appointed as delegate to the Continental Congress. It is when the battle of Long Island was over. It was when his mother gave her estate to the British to be used as military need. Since the house was not his house anymore, he couldn't be elected as the New York state legislature. However, he sat in Congress. When he was a delegate to the Congress, he was appointed to be a committee which has responsibility to coordinate with General Washington to reform the military. Having seen the army who encamped at Valley Forge, he became a spokesman to show the condition of troops in Congress. In this case, Morris was an army savior since he succeeded in reforming the military training, finance, and method. He was also a signer of the Articles of Confederation in 1778.

In 1780, his left leg was replaced with a wooden peg leg when the leg was shattered. Some people said that it was caused by a carriage accident. However, there was evidence which showed another fact. It had been known that he had many affairs with some women. When he would like to escape from a jealous husband, he jumped from the window. Finally, his left leg was shattered.

In Philadelphia, Morris was appointed as assistant superintendent of finance. In the Philadelphia convention, Morris made a friend with George Washington. Then, he was elected to be a committee of five who had a responsibility to daft the final language of the proposed constitution. Having been going to Europe for business, he came back to the United States in 1798. In 1800, Morris was elected as a federalist. He became a federalist till March 3rd 1803. When he left the senate, he became a chairman of the Erie Canal Commission. In his age of 57, Morris married a woman named Cary. She was a sister of Thomas Mann Randolph, Jr. They had a son named Gouverneur Jr. He passed away at the family estate in November 6th, 1816. He was buried at St. Ann's Episcopal Church.

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